Carton Board


Cupstock (1S/2S)

Cupstock paper is a food-safe paper, suitable for both hot and cold food and beverages.

Folding Box Board (GC1/GC2)

A multilayer board with properties of folding, pasting and bursting factor to hold material inside.

Coated kraft board (CKB)

The strong virgin kraft fibers make CKB highly material efficient and light-weight perfect for today’s consumers who pay more attention than ever to the packaging itself, not just to what’s inside it.

Cartonboard is a product that is gaining more and more importance in the packaging industry. Large food companies as well as ecommerce giants are well on their way to substitute single-use plastics with paperboard. Vibrant supply all packaging grades in required size/gsm from it's synchronous sheeter.

Product Segments

  • Cupstock (1S/2S)
  • Duplex Brown Back Board
  • Duplex Grey Back/White Back Board
  • Folding Box Board (GC1/GC2)
  • Grey Board
  • Liquid Packaging Board
  • PE Coated Board
  • SBS Board
  • Top Coated Kraft Board