Container Board



Testliner is a recycled base liner board for container board. It is used for the inner and outer layers (face paper) of carton boxes..

Kraft Liner Board (KLB)

Kraft Liner Board (KLB) is defined as one of the types of packaging paper or paperboard, whose fiber content has min 80% Virgin fibers.

White Top Kraft Liner (Non Top Coated)

WTKL is a two ply product. The top ply consists of pure bleached hardwood Kraft Fibers and the base ply is made of unbleached Softwood Kraft fibers. White top Kraft Liner offers excellent printability qualities.

Container boards are paper grades used to make Corrugated boxes. They feature high resistance to stacking, top and side pressure, and crushing. They are also resistant to impact, dropping and vibration damage. The pandemic required that we change the way we live and spend. The limitations imposed new ways of interaction, consumption, and spending.

Product Segments

  • Testliner
  • Fluting/Medium
  • Kraft Liner Board (KLB)
  • White Top Kraft Liner (Non Top Coated)