Speciality Paper


Bible/Quran Paper

Bible paper, also known as India paper, is a thin, lightweight, and opaque paper commonly used in the printing of Bibles and other religious texts.

Greaseproof Paper

Grease Proof paper prevents penetration of oil & fats thus retain the original flavor and taste intact.

MG/MF Bleached/Unbleached Kraft Paper

Machine Glazed paper grades are high quality brown and white paper grades on top side smooth.

Specialty paper is to use different chemical fibers to make printing paper with unique functions, such as independent application of man-made fibers, to generate raw materials such as paper pulp or mixed wood pulp, and to cooperate with different raw materials for decoration or production processing.

Product Segments

  • Bible/Quran Paper
  • Glassine Paper
  • Greaseproof Paper
  • Laid & Watermarked Paper
  • Manilla Shade Envelope Paper
  • MG/MF Bleached/Unbleached Kraft Paper
  • Sublimation Paper
  • Thermal Paper